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External server side hosting and other server related rules


I have a quick question concerning the use of external server type tools. Are systems like https://parse.com or an Amazon Cloud Server used to help manage phone to phone communication allowed?

Reading the rules, number 6 section B on How Do I Enter says, "Submissions must be solely owned by Contestant such that no other party has any rights or interest, whether known or unknown"

As far as I know, we would be considered a client or a customer which would mean either of the above hosts would not have any rights to an app that uses their system; They are simply supplying a service.

Are using external server tools allowed?

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  • Manager   •   almost 6 years ago

    The rules refer to the source code for the application. It is understood that, depending on the language used, you may need to include libraries or modules to set up the environment for the program to run in.

    You can use Amazon Web Services. Also, application hosting environments that preconfigure the lower layers can also be used. For example, Heroku.COM is a very popular, very easy to use application host, and their free tier is extensive.

    For developing mobile apps you can use platforms like Parse.com. We have also suggested MIT's appinventor.mit.edu platform which can be used to develop Android apps.

    In the Challenge submission form under Platform you can note the development language and framework/environment used to develop the app.

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